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Les alvéolaires s, z et l sont légèrement palatalisées. Tandis que les vélaires k et g sont palatalisées après i comme dans alika qui se prononce a'likʲə' chien; dans l'ancienne' orthographe malagasy datant du XIX e siècle, ces palatalisations étaient marquées par un i après le k, ce qui donnait alikia qui se prononce a'likʲə' 6.
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Thanks to the general economic recovery and renewed growth of the tertiary sector services and banking industry, which began in March 2003 and was confirmed in the second quarter of this year, Madagascar's' currency, t h e Malagasy F r an c, gained a level of relative stability against both the euro and the dollar.
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Previously, under the 2007 constitution, Malagasy was one of three official languages alongside French and English. Malagasy is the language of instruction in all public schools through grade five for all subjects, and remains the language of instruction through high school for the subjects of history and Malagasy language.

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